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How Does Midea EVOX Heat Pump Perform?
The journey to transform a home in need of repair on the Alaskan frontier with the help of cold climate heating technology. In collaboration with Hope Community Resources at their iconic Willow Ranch, Discovery teamed up with Midea to harness Midea's innovative heat pump technology and other smart home solutions to help the frontier household withstand the harsh arctic conditions and foster community bonds. The project explores the intersection of home renovation and innovative technologies aimed at bringing comfort, sustainability and hope to the community.
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Why Choose Midea EVOX
For easy upgrades, our EVOX heating and cooling central ducted heat pump system provides a range of air handler units designed to fit a wide variety of house types and situations. EVOX is equipped with advanced technologies to bring you easy upgrade solutions.
Our high energy efficiency heat pumps are eligible for most of the available rebate programs.
Computational constant airflow technology enables optimal airflow delivery that can adapt to your existing ductwork design.
Responsive home HVAC systems adjust automatically to maintain better comfort.
Ultra High Energy Efficiency
Midea EVOX heating and cooling heat pump systems can significantly lower your heating bill.
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We're Exceptional Heat Pump
Midea heat pump systems are designed for different climate conditions and upgrade needs. With the Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) technology, our compressor bolsters the heat pump's heating output, making it a reliable choice during cold weather, and ramps up its efficiency, or COP score.
The impressive COP score of Midea's forthcoming heat pump system will not only mean lower monthly energy bills for homeowners but will also lessen the load on utilities and the electrical grid, which is especially important during peak summer and winter demand.
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Find the Home HVAC System Right for You
We provide heat pumps for both single-zone (single is spelled wrong) and multi-zone applications, offering more customizable heat pump upgrades for both single spaces and entire homes.
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